Consulting Tycoon Review – Is This a Legitimate Opportunity?

Consulting Tycoon is an Internet marketing training program to help individuals become their own boss through Internet marketing consulting. So is this a legitimate opportunity and is it viable?

The Consulting Tycoon is part of a growing niche product and service that is helping individuals learn to effectively market online and to become Internet marketing consultants. While many businesses and individuals begin to understand that online marketing is a must today, many that are here have had less than a good experience with it. The nightmares of money spent and lost to find themselves still on page 40 on a search, or the loss of hundreds of dollars in a single day on pay-per-click campaigns.

The CT believes it has the answer and opportunity for you, the entrepreneur, to literally help these individuals and business owners and at the same time create a solid and ongoing income for yourself. The facts are there, Internet marketing consulting is a solid niche enterprise that some have created massive success with. The cost of starting your opportunity with CT is between $700 and up to $1400 which includes a pretty comprehensive package. Remember however, Internet marketing has a learning curve and the option of 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring should be a must which this opportunity does not truly offer.

Consulting Tycoon is a legitimate opportunity with a product and service that is growing, even in this economy. Learning to market on the Internet is probably one of the best ideas anyone looking for a way to create a solid future at this time. There are a small handful of these types of training programs online that offer a full and comprehensive package an it is best to complete your due diligence before investing tie and money.